Public Education and Outreach

Over the past few years, the Commission has steadily increased its public education and stakeholder engagements across the country.

Feedback from stakeholders across the country has confirmed that knowledge of access to an independent and impartial complaint process increases the degree of confidence in how the complaint will be handled.

Engagement with municipality associations, police boards, provincial oversight bodies, aboriginal groups, as well as front-line service providers, such as court workers, legal education and information offices, settlement agencies and special interest groups, is vital to helping increase awareness of an individual's right to make a complaint against the conduct of an RCMP member.

One of the Commission's goal is to inform key community service providers who are most likely to be a point of contact for individuals seeking support, assistance and/or searching for information about the police complaint process. If you think you or your organization would benefit from a presentation regarding the Commission, please contact us.

In recognition of the need to provide a uniform quality of civilian oversight of police in the contracting provinces and territories, the Commission initiated and organizes an annual meeting of civilian police review bodies to discuss and share best practices, identify emerging issues and enhance working relationships. For a full list of provincial complaint and review bodies in Canada, please visit our Provincial Police Commissions page.


Did you know...

An EKOS survey undertaken in May 2010 found that, while there has been a recent surge in awareness of police review bodies, only 3 per cent could name the Commission. However, the survey revealed that 70 per cent of respondents had moderate to high confidence in the bodies responsible for overseeing the activities of Canada's law enforcement and security agencies. Moreover, the survey concluded that 65% of people are comfortable bringing complaints to the Commission.

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