Quick Facts - Systemic Investigation of the RCMP “E” Division Community-Industry Response Group (C-IRG)

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C-IRG Systemic Investigation

What We Heard Report

  • The CRCC hired the services of Turtle Island Law LLP to interview individuals and groups who have had interactions with the C-IRG. This presents an important opportunity for anyone who has had contact with the C-IRG to come forward and share their experience.
    • Purpose: to produce a What We Heard Report   
    • Where and when possible, the information will also be used to exemplify the CRCC's findings and inform any recommendations
  • Anyone who has had direct interactions with the C-IRG between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2022, related to the following injunctions and locations can participate:
    • Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd injunction on Salisbury Creek Forestry Road;
    • Coastal GasLink Ltd injunction on Wet'suwet'en traditional territory; and
    • Teal Cedar Products Ltd injunction in the Fairy Creek watershed.
  • Only people who were present at one of the three sites during the specified timeframe will be considered. 
  • For more information about Turtle Island Law LLP or to request an interview, please contact Jaden Bourque and Sharae Antley of Turtle Island Law LLP at: jaden.bourque@turtleislandlawllp.ca and sharae.antley@turtleislandlawllp.ca, or visit their website at https://www.turtleislandlawllp.ca.
    • Turtle Island Law LLP will be preparing a summary report or narrative of each interview and providing a copy to the participant. The process developed is transparent and includes the opportunity for participants to review drafts and provide feedback.

Anonymity and the Protection of Personal Information

  • The CRCC will not publish any identifying information based on the interview summaries unless the individual provides their consent. However, that does not guarantee anonymity.
    • The CRCC is subject to multiple processes, such as Freedom of Information or Access to Information and/or Privacy requests where personal identifiable information could be shared in exceptional circumstances.
    • The CRCC may also be compelled through legal processes, such as summonses, to disclose information gathered as part of the investigation.

CRCC's Report

  • Once the CRCC's report is final, it will be sent to the RCMP for review and response. The RCMP has 60 days to respond, after which the CRCC may release the report. 
    • If the RCMP provides a response within the 60-day waiting period, both the CRCC's report and the RCMP's response will be released at the same time. 
    • If the RCMP's response is not received within the 60-day waiting period, the CRCC's report will be released and the RCMP's response will be published once it is received.

Public Complaints and Reviews

  • The CRCC's systemic investigation does not replace the public complaint and review processes. These processes should continue to move forward in parallel and the CRCC encourages individuals with complaints about specific incidents and RCMP members to file a public complaint.
    • Interviews conducted as part of the systemic investigation are not considered a public complaint against the RCMP.  
    • That said, the interview summary can be used to supplement an existing public complaint or serve as the foundation for a new complaint. 
  • For more information about the public complaint process and on how to file a complaint, please see: Make a Complaint | Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP

Request a Review

Systemic Investigations

  • The CRCC has the authority to examine RCMP activities to ensure compliance with legislation, regulation, ministerial direction, or RCMP policies, procedures or guidelines.
  • Conducting a systemic investigation allows the CRCC to:
    • Examine RCMP programs, activities and operations strategically, over several years, to identify deficiencies and systemic issues
    • Make recommendations to improve the RCMP
    • Hold the RCMP accountable by making the report and the RCMP's response public
    • Follow up on the implementation of previous recommendations to ensure their meaningful implementation

Media Enquiries

Media enquiries should be directed to: Media@crcc-ccetp.gc.ca

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