Request for Review Form

If you have made a complaint concerning the conduct of an RCMP member and are not satisfied with the way the RCMP handled your complaint, you can request a review.

To request a review, you must have already received the report or decision letter from the RCMP (often called a "Letter of Disposition" or a "Notice of Direction").

If you would like to request a review, please complete the following form.

Please note: The Commission will only review the original public complaint made by the complainant or their representative. If you would like to submit a new complaint, please complete the Complaint Form.

Personal Details

File Details

Please Note: The RCMP and CRCC file numbers are located in the top right-hand corner of the RCMP's report.

The CRCC's review will only examine the findings you list in the box below. Please include the following (Required):

  1. In the RCMP's report, you will find one or more allegations based on your public complaint as well as the RCMP's findings. List the RCMP finding(s) you are not satisfied with and explain why you are not satisfied for each one. Please try to be as specific as possible.

  2. Describe your desired outcome from the review process.
  3. Do you have additional evidence? If you answered yes, describe the evidence you would like the Commission to review.

Did you know?

  • The role of the CRCC is limited to remedial measures aimed at improving the quality of policing.
  • The CRCC does NOT make recommendations related to:
    • Payment of money as an award for RCMP misconduct
    • Charging a person with criminal or regulatory offences
    • Withdrawing, pardoning, or otherwise interfering with outstanding criminal or regulatory charges or convictions
    • Terminating, demoting or imposing specific discipline for RCMP members
  • Any information you previously provided to the RCMP will be provided to us. We also have access to the complete RCMP file pertaining to your case. This includes any materials in the possession or control of the RCMP that are relevant to reviewing your matter. You do not need to resend any of this material.

    You have 30 days from the date of your request for review to provide us with any supporting information. We will only accept a maximum of 50 pages of written material, and 60 minutes of audio or video material.

    If you need to send additional materials or are unable to send materials within the 30-day period, please contact us with details.

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